What's new in PHP 7

In this article we'll be looking at five key changes in PHP7, and features to look out for that have now been removed or are deprecated.


Create a membership site with Symfony 2

How to create basic membership functionality including registration, login and protected pages using the Symfony 2 framework.


Setup Sass and Compass for WordPress

How to setup sass and compass for WordPress themes.

Code Snippets

Auto expand retweets in an embedded twitter timeline widget

How to auto expand retweets and favourites in an embedded twitter timeline widget.


Adding and styling the wordpress search form

This tutorial shows you how you can add a wordpress search form to your site then customise the markup and styling.


How to add custom css, html and javascript to squarespace

How to add custom css, html and javascript into a squarespace site.


Automate your database backups to Amazon S3 Cloud storage

The golden rule - always backup your data! This couldn't be more important than for the driving force behind most web sites - the database. In this article we're going to look at how you can save yourself some time by automating your database backups directly to the amazon s3 cloud.


Migrate a database to a different server by command line

This article documents the steps to migrate a database from one server to another using the command line.

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