Monitor your website availability with Google Docs

This article looks at how you can utilise Google Docs to monitor your site's uptime and even alert you when it goes down!


Pricing Table Generator

Pricing tables allow you to present the different products or packages you are offering to your customers in a format that will help them to choose which is best for them. In this post we'll look at some inspirational pricing table designs, what to think about when creating your content and a free pricing table generator tool that will save you time creating the markup.


Adding Google authorship to your site with an email address on a different domain

Adding google authorship to a web site allows google searchers to see a headshot of the author. This is a great way to make your content stand out from the rest and studies have shown these 'Rich Snippets' can improve your click through ratio. This article gives a step-by-step guide for setting it up on your site regardless of if your email address is on the same domain as your blog / site content.


Autoloading classes in drupal 7

When adding a lot of your own classes on top of the Drupal 7 framework you may well want to add your own autoloader. This article looks at the options for including individual files, and how to add a custom autoloader for many files.


Creating CSS Triangles

In this article we'll look at how you can easily create triangles which are great to use on things like buttons using just a few lines of CSS.


Canonical urls for duplicate content on different domains

This post looks at how to use canonical urls to maintain control over SEO ranking for pages that Google considers to have 'duplicate content'.


JQuery responsive content slider

In this article we'll be looking at creating a responsive content slider using basic HTML, CSS and JQuery. This is a great way to provide some nice visual transitions for your visitors while maintaining accessability on different platforms.

Code Snippets

Connected Multiselect Boxes

The following code snippet is a quick and easy way to selectively create a list from options in a secondary multiselect box. As it's multiselect you'll be able to move more than one option to the other list at the same time.

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