How to wipe an iPhone

This quick guide will run you through how to wipe all data from your iPhone and restore it back to it's factory default settings.


Set up a local server with wordpress

In this post I'll be running you through all the steps you need to get you set up with a local server environment running with a copy of WordPress so you can play about with the code without worrying about who's looking at it or if you break it.

Code Snippets

Stop Google from following a specific link

There may be some scenarios where you don't want Google following a specific link on one of your web pages. This is easily achieved by using this 'nofollow' code snippet.


Using WordPress as a CMS

Taking a look at Wordpress as a viable option for non-blogging web sites, the alternatives available and resources for getting started.


How to setup billing alerts on amazon s3

Find out when your bill hits certain thresholds using Amazon S3 billing alerts.


Find out how many of your twitter followers are fake

Whether you want them or not, 'fake' followers can make up a large proportion of your audience. While they may make your company look like it's popular, these followers are dead-weight, and can even compromise your credibility. This post looks at tools you can use to calculate the percentage of real, active followers you have.


Multiple HTML5 Video Players with JQuery Dialogs

This tutorial looks at how to combine the HTML5 video tag with JQuery dialogs for easy loading of multiple videos in a pop-out format.


Free MP4 to Webm video file cutter and convertor

There's a few different tools out there to convert from MP4 to Webm, and unfortunately they can be fairly inconsistent with their results. This tool lets you convert and cut all major video formats.

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